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 Commentary idea with evoreflex , tom and evoxgxrated

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PostSubject: Commentary idea with evoreflex , tom and evoxgxrated   Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:55 pm

I'd like to tell you about a commentary idea i got while i wasn't there, it's kinda like a team battle or whatever you call it in minecraft. You pair up with someone , there's two teams so we need 4 ppl (ofc i'd like to be in it :S lol).

the goal of the game we're gonna be playing is destroying other ppl's totem. These totem are 4 blocks high obsidian towers, with 5 torches (one on the top, and 4 on each side of the highest block) . The way it works is that you have:
-a clock, always useful to know how many days have passed when you are busy mining, cause you need to fight after two days!
-a compass to return to the spawn
-4 obsidian blocks
-5 torches
-2 minutes to find a good spot to place your totem
-2 minecraft days to gather stuff
-1 minecraft day(only when its day time, night isn't hostile) to fight eachother

You need to find a good spot to lay down your 4 obsidian blocks, possibly building a shelter near it to protect it. Because in this game, there is 2 phases. The calm phase where teams gather their own resources and shit. Then, the combat mode where players must return to the spawn, and kill or get killed atleast once(you can't re-enter a fight if you kill/get killed by someone, this means you can't get killed AND kill, any kind of fight, winned or loosed, counts as the only chance that you have to kill someone) . The reward when you kill someone is one diamond per kills , so the team can gather a maximum of 2 per fight rounds. If you kill someone, you can gather the stuff he will drop, and keep it , but you need to give him back his compass. Also, no food allowed during combats, or it would give an unfair advantage to the teams, so be sure to heal yourself before you enter a fight! When the game gets back to the calm phase, you are free to explore (keep an eye on your totem haha) , who knows, maybe you can find their totem without them knowing and then set some stuff to find your way back, but don't do some obvious stuff like laying down a torch, they might find YOU! Try be more like a spy and just do a little modification to the environment : holes in the leaves of a tree, laying down a fake tree (not a sapling : a fake tree) or simply digging holes, now these are only tips that i'm giving , they're not rules haha

The game ends when you destroy other team's totem. So yeah please message me back, tell me if you like this and when you'd like to do it!

And for the players in the teams i suggest, me, you, tom, and EvoGxRaTeDx , you and xratedx can't be together, because each of you are gonna be filming each team's work , if ppl that watches us wants to see other team's work. But if we do a commentary of each team, we gotta swear that no1 from the teams will be watching other team's videos, cuz that would be considered as cheating and if we hear about the other team cheating or anything : the other team looses all the resources that they gathered so far, including the diamonds won in the battles. I think this would be an interesting idea for the viewers : The fact that they know what's goign on in each teams , without the players knowing whats goign on in the other team Razz

Well anyways, i hope you want to do this because i'm pretty exited about it, and it looks really fun Smile
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Commentary idea with evoreflex , tom and evoxgxrated
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